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The economy has changed and the way we work too! The global economy has drastically altered our employment landscape with new rules, instability but also new opportunities. Today, it is common for executives to change jobs every several years, not every few decades. While consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, speakers and other independent workers are on the rise.

Successful corporate leaders or independent workers build their reputation by leveraging a personal brand to elevate their career and attract better business opportunities. Understanding and implementing a smart digital strategy will allow you to create your magnetic brand and get outstanding returns. But if you are going to have a personal brand you will need a personal website in order to create your Personal Hub. Read further to understand how personal website must be part of your personal brand strategy.


Today, it is more likely that your 1stimpression is formed online rather than in person.

89% of people Google someone new they are about to meet and you probably have that habit too. But what shows up when a person Googles your name? You can actually use the first impression as your personal branding hack. First impression happens in a split second and is sticky, it has a lasting effect on how you are perceived over time and on your overall reputation. A personal website is a great opportunity to put your best foot forward, to keep control your information and to make an outstanding impression.


Increase your online visibility and elevate your Google ranking.

Ideally your personal website domain name must reflect your name: www.you.com; it helps to rank higher when someone search for you online and it is more likely to be the first result people find when Googling your name. If you have a company website, your personal website is also a great way to boost one another. It allows you to generate traffic on your company website through your personal website and vice versa. Always keep in mind that people trust people more than they trust companies. Hence, they will always try to understand who you are; whether it is a recruiter, a partner, a client, maybe a friend or even a date.


Become a thought leader by sharing your own content.

Anyone who is searching for you online certainly would land on your personal website. Take this opportunity to share your unique value proposition and adopt a design that reflects your identity and who you really are. A personal website allows you to create and share your own story and content, giving you control of the narration of your own story. I also recommend having a blog on your website to share your thoughts, news and updates so that your followers can see that you are engaging in your sector. Blogs also have the added benefit of establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field.


Press coverage, interviews, articles, videos, achievements and testimonials etc. all in one place.

Your personal website is the perfect place to host your most valuable and up-to-date information. Collect press coverage, interviews, articles, videos, achievements, testimonials etc. that brings value to your profile. You probably have great content online but it might be lost, deleted or simply not highlighted the right way. Your personal website gives you the chance to compile everything in one place. In addition, if you are not comfortable putting the spot light on yourself, you can put it on your accomplishments, your clients, your team, and people who surround you. Highlighting your achievements is a great way to give credit to people who allowed you to succeed.


Personal Website vs LinkedIn Profile:

As previously discussed, you can use the first impression as your personal branding hack: 90% of first impressions now happen online.LinkedIn remains a must have to develop your career, but it has some limitations too, as it does not allow you to differentiate from the crowd. The social platform allows you to display your skills and experience on a common template shared by over 450 million members.

A personal website is an innovative communication tool, that illustrates your digital appeal, and offer a 360-degree experience of who you are. It brings emotion to the data, bytranslating your in-person experience into an online experience. Today, 56% of hiring managers are more impressed with a personal website than any other tool.And finally, it helps to direct people to the right information and to social platforms with no risk of error.

A personal website is an effective way to raise your voice, increase your visibility, establish authority and undeniably provides you with a strong competitive advantage.If you don’t know where to start, USWAY can help you define your personal brand, your digital strategy and create a unique and personalized website for a magnetic personal brand. Contact us on: www.usway.co


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