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I am often asked what is personal branding and what are the benefits of promoting your own brand?

By definition, a brand is – a unique design, symbol, name, reputation, emotion, perception, and much more. It is about creating an image that identifies and differentiates it from its competitors. Strong brands mean strong identity, and brands use their identity as a key differentiator. This is how, overtime, a brand becomes associated with a certain level of trust, awareness, credibility and perception in the consumer’s mind. Personal branding is the same process of developing your unique identity to differentiate yourself and to outstand. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon said that “Personal branding is what people say about you when you leave the room.”

Today just being good is no longer enough. The economy has changed and the way we work too. The global economy has drastically altered our employment landscape with new rules, instability but also new opportunities. It is now common for executives to change jobs every several years, not every few decades. While consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, speakers and other independent workers are on the rise.

But successful corporate leaders or independent workers are not successful only because they are talented or experienced, but successful individuals are successful because they are able to build a strong reputation using personal branding. They focus on leveraging a personal brand to elevate their career and attract better business opportunities. And developing a powerful personal brand can have a significant impact, not only on your career, but also on your business or on the company you work for.

At Usway we offer Smart Personal Branding & Online Presence solutions for individuals but also for corporates willing to brand their leaders. We are specialized in organizing, optimizing and adding value to people’s content and digital presence for a better reach and impact. The majority of our customers are Business People & Entrepreneurs, C-Levels & Executives, Consultants & Speakers. We also work with enterprises to position their talents as leader in their industry for the benefit of both the organization and the employee.

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