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In the last 15 years, social media has become a massive communication tool with an estimated 2 Billion users. Today, we can still choose to use it intensively, or not, we can even ignore it, but we are at the early stage of a major societal trend: DIGITAL PROFILING.

Discover our vision and why your digital online presence should be so important that you should care about it…

What is going to shape the future of our digital life?

# An explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) technology; 80 Billion devices expected in 2025 with the commoditization of sensors and wearable devices feeding databases, but also social media with the emergence of social wear.

# The Data Science capable to store, retrieve, analyze and anticipate most of the minor and major events of our lives.

# The Artificial Intelligence (AI) – that will seamlessly deal with human behavior and therefore social media from marketing automation using bots or machine learning to more sophisticated human and virtual integration with Augmented Reality (AR).

During the next 5 years, thousands of applications will emerge from these 3 pillars of technology: IoT, Data Science and AI; and thereby nurturing a new online presence dynamic; which is called the DIGITAL PROFILING.

Today your digital profile is mainly fedby your online presence, such as your Google content, Facebook, LinkedIn, what you share or what people may post about you.

In few years from now your entire real life will automatically feed your digital identity, without your knowledge. Thus, everyone will have a digital profile including people who are not highly active on social platforms. One of the major consequences, will be an intensive usage of your digital profile, by brands’ marketing strategy which is not necessarily bad. Today brands develop products, and social media is a strong marketing channel representing 15% of their overall marketing budget, including their support to bloggers but again this is a brand to consumer communication and not the other way.

Tomorrow consumers will be major innovative and quality contributors. Brands that will perform in the future will have to learn from their customers, embody values all across the company, from their leaders, employees and partners. Their personal online presence will be part of the corporate strategy.

Beyond the marketing of the brands, the digital profiling will have an important impact on our business and our social reputation.

In 2017 most of the people have a basic online presence through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc… and a very limited number of non-popular personalities do have a strong presence.

With this new emerging digital profiling, having an online presence deficit will be a real handicap by multiple aspects, from business network to potential recruiters or personal social life relationship.

Our Digital Profile will set our capacity to influence people solely through our online profiles but will also determine our ability to network beyond our inner circle of family, friends and business contacts.

We are entering in a new era of internet – some may define it as the early stage of the “Web of Thoughts” or Web 5.0 – I would rather define it as an “immersive web” that blurs the boundaries between the real and the digital life, unleashing the power of networking & collaboration from people to people to computers; A world where internet and social media will nurture the rise of collective intelligence leading to unprecedented innovations.


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