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Personal branding meeting

Domain name & hosting

Up to 5 pages personal website

Responsive design on mobile phone

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Website maintenance



Personal branding meeting

Domain name & hosting

Up to 10 pages personal website

Responsive design on mobile phone

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Website maintenance



Personal branding meeting

Domain name & hosting

Up to 15 pages personal website

Responsive design & SEO

3 social media profiles revamp

Website maintenance

What people see when they google your name ?


Google has become the first place people look to build an opinion about you.

This is why keeping control on your online presence is crucial.

You are a professional, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a doctor, an artist, an athlete etc.

Become a thought leader in your industry today !

USWAY builds smart personal brands & powerful online presence for you.

Whether you want to take your career to the next level, grow your business opportunities, or you are planning a career change, building a smart personal brand & powerful online presence can help you achieve your goals. Our global economy has drastically altered our employment landscape and even top professional jobs are unstable. High achievers must stay on the innovative edge of career opportunities. Nowadays it is common for executives to change jobs every several years - not every few decades. Don't wait to convert your name into a Personal Brand. If you are not sure where to start, register on our website or contact USWAY to define your best fit.

In our highly connected world, most first impressions are formed online rather than in person. Be confident that the first thing people do when they want to learn more about you is to Google your name. But what shows up when a person Googles your name? We all know that bad results can dramatically affect your personal image, but no, or almost no results can seriously threaten your credibility as well. We have all been there, when googling a name, certain profiles can be annoyingly difficult to track down, and disappointingly dull when finally finding them! Remember that the best time to start building your personal brand was yesterday, the second-best time is today!

People Google someone new they are about to meet
Hiring Managers review social profiles before making a hiring decision
People only look at the first Google page
People own their entire first Google page



To offer a 360-degree online experience about you
To show a dynamic, interactive & comprehensive image of you
To allow you to keep control & power on your online information
To provide easier & smarter access to your information 
To increase your visibility & help people to find you
To display your unique value proposition
To expresse your personality & differentiate
To reflect your digital appeal in a world of Digital Transformation   
To build a strong competitive advantage  


Writing and conceiving a personal website touches our identity. USWAY, who led me through this sensitive path, did an amazing  technical & web design but also relational work. Being a source of proposals, USWAY drove me forward by supporting my choices and encouraging me. They did translate my words into pictures, found the relevant frame, they chose and shot photos illustrating the ideas I wanted to express. Straight, committed and demanding on the final result, USWAY is a trustful company who did perfectly master its field. I strongly recommend USWAY !

Nadege Bourgoin Executive Coach Specialist

Where to start ? The result is far beyond my expectations though they were quite high… My personal website is awesome with a clean design and a perfect balance between the form and content. Thank you to Usway team for proposing ideas that I did not figure out myself! Thank you for your responsiveness…Indeed I would stress the full English translation of my website done in record time (less than a week) allowing me to join an important business meeting with my content ready in English. Congrats for the SEO achievement! I did challenge Usway to get my website on the top among a confusing amount of articles about me. Honestly I did not believe it was possible but they did it so fast! I would definitely recommend Usway… An excellent service for a top of the art result!

Anne-Catherine Pechinot CEO @ Rent a Car

The first thing that came to my mind when Usway approached me was: Why should I need a personal website? But now and thanks to Usway’s work, I am really convinced that they did it right to make me proud of MY OWN WEBSITE! I have been amazed by their great suggestions; videos, background visuals, highlighting my content (Books, Conferences,…) but first and foremost “my image”. Thank you and kudos to Usway.

Jacques Arnould Speaker, Writer, Theologian and Ethics Advisor @ CNES

With over 1 billion names googled everyday, unless you live in a cave, you have been googled and chances it happens again are constantly increasing. What people find online, or not, about you, highly influences their opinion about you. I don’t let search engines control my online presence, I sway them.

Usway Online Presence - Usway
Sandrine Piedras GM @ Kleptika